In the High Peaks

Saturday, November 27, 2010


A massive swirling of flurries furled down on us most of the day, exciting me beyond measure. I walked farther than I have in quite a long while, though I tried to be very careful of my obnoxious, misbehaving foot. I am so tired of being inactive that I'm busting out! The wind was bitterly cold today, which I love.

What a wonderful little vacation! What a relief from the pressure of constantly having to plan lessons and projects! I had time to really dig in and paint on three different days, my first painting binge in what seems like eons. It satisfied me, made me want to do more and more, and I look forward to *more* painting after December 15, the last day of classes. I had to quit my bookstore-chainstore job. The day I returned home at 10:15 pm after leaving the house at 6:20 am did the trick. I wasn't expecting to have to do shifts after teaching, but that's what they expected. And so I said goodbye, with some regret, but the rest after the 15th will be a splendid break for the Christmas season.

I actually broke down and bought a Nookcolor and I love it. I've said for some time that whoever provides a decent color e-book reader at a reasonable price will make a fortune. I have much more I want to say about Nookcolor, and now that I no longer work at Barnes and Noble, I can. Stay tuned. No, I did not get a discount on it. No one gets a discount on the Nookcolor.

If you like audiobooks, the reader of Open by Andre Agassi is a marvel. And it is a superlative memoir. I know an audiobook is great when I hate for my commute to end, when I slow my speed way down so the trip doesn't have to end.


  1. I live in Florida and I am so excited when the weather dips below 40 degrees. Yesterday we had a sharp and bitter wind and mid-30s! It was so delightful.

    I am also a librarian and look forward to the three weeks off. Ahhh, to rest! (and maybe listen to Open) ~ I am looking for my very first audio book!

  2. Judith,
    Snap! We've had our first proper snow of the winter and much more is expected over the week, the wind is coming from Siberia. But it's a nightmare because we're meant to be hiring a van and buying a whole house load of furniture and taking it to Dundee.
    Hoping you show us some of your painting in the future.