In the High Peaks

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Turned the House Upside Down--Searching for a Crucial Book

 I know, and probably you all know, that I have dozens and dozens more books than I have room for in bookcases (numerous bookcases in multiple rooms!!) and bookshelves, on tables and other book-holding fixtures. And then! The book piles!!  Under beds, next to beds, on night tables, you name it. Whew.

Because I am listening to An Unfinished Love Story, the new memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin, and have now completed the Kennedy years in this memoir as experienced by Doris's amazing husband, Richard Goodwin, who served in the Kennedy administration, my historical mind is only naturally turning KENNEDY

How WELL I remember those years, with such clarity. But how can that be so, given that I was age 7 during JFK's campaign for president, age 7 at the time of the debates, at the time of the election, and after. This is a very, very long personal story, and is such because I lived right outside of Boston, because I was Catholic, and my father was Irish, and because our entire household was ABUZZ with the DRAMA of KENNEDY for president. 


So this may explain why, after listening to the Kennedy years as narrated by Doris Kearns Goodwin, I tore through the house searching for the bio/history I purchased a decade ago, Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot, which is about the actions and relationship of JFK and RFK in that era. I bought the book, placed it on my Kennedy shelf, which is extensive, and THEN a number of years ago, removed it, started reading it to great interest, and PUT IT who knows where? because I was diverted by life and other reads.

Do you think that I could find this book that I am so desperate to read in my house? The search laid bare the absolute total disarray of my books and bookshelves. It's a disaster!  How can my Library have reached this state?? Books shoved under beds! Tumbling down in piles!

So--today--I did the easiest thing and I borrowed this very book from Crandall Library in Glens Falls. I'm so blessed that they have a copy, because they are the only library in the system that has it. 

But a Summer Mission has Begun! It's time to Play Library. Organizing all books. Of course, dispersing books to find new homes. Onward! My mission--



Monday, May 27, 2024

The Twenty Books of Summer

I've been so intrigued to read the 20 Books of Summer lists that everyone has been posting. Thanks to Cathy of 746 Books for having instigated all of this busy summertime reading so many years ago now. 

Of course, I'm hoping I'll be able to read 20 books this summer, but I know my schedule may not afford me all the time I need to complete it. But I'm feeling optimistic at the end of this first official weekend of summer, Memorial Day Weekend.

Twenty Books of Summer  2024

1.     An Unfinished Love Story by Doris Kearns Goodwin  Audible  17+ hours

2.     Shadow in the Glass by M.E. Hilliard  (#2 Greer Hogan Mystery) Set in Lake Placid

3.     Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell (2020) Her highly acclaimed thriller fr. 2020  finished!

4.     North Woods by Daniel Mason

5.     The Women by Kristin Hannah

6.     God of the Woods by Liz Moore (Starred reviews fr. Library Journal, PW, Kirkus, Booklist)

7.     History:   The Deerfield Massacre by James L. Swanson

8.     Kairos by Jenny Erpenbeck  Winner of the International Booker Prize in Translation 2024

9.     The Last Word by Elly Griffiths

10.  Traveling: On the Path of Joni Mitchell  by Ann Powers  Audible

11.  The Storm We Made  by Vanessa Chan  WWII Malaya  finished!

12.  The Lost Book of Bonn by Brianna Labuskes   Germany 1946

13.  Table for Two: Fictions by Amor Towles

14.  The Mystery Writer by Sulari Gentill

15.  History/Biography: This Spot is Open!

16.  All the Broken Places by John Boyne

17.  A novel or memoir by Paul Auster, cherished author, (1947-2024)

18. This Strange Eventful History by Claire Messud  A Must-Read! Highly acclaimed!

 I am keeping #s 19-20 Open. And #15, which will be History or Biography. 

I realize that this list is incomplete. I hope to fill the slots as time and...BOOKS...become available.

The very best wishes for a sunny, but NOT TOO HOT summer for us all, and, of course, plenty of time to indulge in BOOKS.




Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hoping to Post a "20 Books of Summer Post" This Weekend!

It has been such an eternity since I last posted anything, that it makes me wonder if any of you are still blogging about books!  I do hope so!

Despite the genealogical business mayhem that seems to consume my life these days, I very much want to list 20 books I'd love to read this summer. It's certain that I won't be able to plow through all 20 that are pressing on my mind and finish them all by Labor Day in early September, but I hope I'll be able to spend some QUALITY time with at least a good portion of these books during the hottest weeks of the year. And write about them.

I hope to connect with some of you about all of this. I have never intended to drop out entirely, as it must seem I must have done, but I have been much more fully occupied than I ever imagined. It has been rewarding, yes, but also limiting.  

So here goes!