In the High Peaks

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hoping to Post a "20 Books of Summer Post" This Weekend!

It has been such an eternity since I last posted anything, that it makes me wonder if any of you are still blogging about books!  I do hope so!

Despite the genealogical business mayhem that seems to consume my life these days, I very much want to list 20 books I'd love to read this summer. It's certain that I won't be able to plow through all 20 that are pressing on my mind and finish them all by Labor Day in early September, but I hope I'll be able to spend some QUALITY time with at least a good portion of these books during the hottest weeks of the year. And write about them.

I hope to connect with some of you about all of this. I have never intended to drop out entirely, as it must seem I must have done, but I have been much more fully occupied than I ever imagined. It has been rewarding, yes, but also limiting.  

So here goes! 


  1. Judith, It is good to hear from you here and that your genealogical business is doing well. I do hope you have a list for 20 Books of Summer this year. I am sure it would have interesting books. Take care.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thanks so much for visiting! I'll be posting my 20 books on Sunday or Monday, I hope! I'm looking forward!

  2. It's great you are back on the blog! It was good to hear from you and I'm glad your business is doing so well. I look forward to your list and hope you can write about it this summer too. Happy reading!

  3. It's great to see you here again, Judith! I will welcome a list of books you plan to read this summer. It's hard for me to plan out an entire season, but I do like to make a list of reading possibilities at the beginning of each month. That seems more manageable somehow.