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Friday, November 19, 2010

Frazzled Musings

Frazzled, perhaps, though I'm trying desperately to be relaxed. It's Friday night and I don't have to work tomorrow! Tomorrow morning I want to read without interruption for at least an hour before I have to attend to husband and dog.

My heart is calling out for nature and wild places. Due to my silly, misbehaving foot, it's been a month since I've been able to go walkabout, so my soul is feeling malnourished.

Readerly doings: I have been so moved by the memoirs I've listened to on my long commutes. Today I finished I Am the Central Park Jogger by Trisha Meilli, and was moved, uplifted, and comforted by her triumphant story of recovery from a massive brain injury caused by a horrifically brutal, heavily publicized attack in New York City back in 1989. She read her story herself, and I found it tremendously applicable to the challenges I've had to overcome in the past, though mine were nothing like hers. The memoir is just a good book, plain and simple.

On my way home today I started listening to Open by the American tennis star, and I was blown away by how incredibly good it is. I'm not into tennis!!! That's what's so wonderful about many memoirs. They're about overcoming obstacles, confronting personal challenges, following your heart, making mistakes, and listening to what's deep inside. Can't wait to travel to work again! Agassi's challenge? He despises playing tennis but can't bear to stop competition.

Okay. My reading of regular books has suffered from working two jobs. I'm still reading The Kennedy Detail and Gail Caldwell's magnificent memoir Let's Take the Long Way Home (see my previous entries).

I've just started reading the best-selling The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. What a compelling read! I must admit a have a fond spot for post-apocalyptic novels, and this one captivated me immediately. Yes, it's a teen title, but, as many books categorized as Young Adult, they're readable by any age group.

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