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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Am So Out of It--How to Focus on My Reading Life?

In a positive light, I finished listening to The Beatles by Bob Spitz, a splendid history. I have to confess that I could only find the abridged 9-CD version. I would have gladly listened to the 15-CD unabridged audiobook but couldn't get a hold of it. Still, the abridged made for very fine listening. Made the miles speed by.

Ken and I are listening to Nora Ephron's brand new book of essays, I Remember Nothing. I've been a fan of Ephron from way back, though I could not relate to the title essay in her previous book, I Feel Bad about My Neck. In I Remember Nothing, Ephron reminisces about her early days in journalism, the "wonderful" '60s and '70s when women had to kill to get a byline. It makes for great listening on my PC laptop via Audible had a terrific promotion for Amazonians, so we signed on.

Ken is now halfway through Let It Bleed and is loving it. His eyes lit up when I told him that Ian Rankin has an entire series of books based on John Rebus's adventures.

That's my book news for the moment. Life is intense this week.

The pressure is on because I am trying to show I want to be rehired, which will be a trick, considering that introductory English courses have lower enrollment in the second semester of the year. I'm being observed tomorrow, teaching my sleepy 8:30 class. I wish I did not suffer from extreme performance anxiety.

I'm hoping to post more interesting book news soon!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that Ken is enjoying Let It Bleed.
    I hope your assessment thing went well, there ought to be a law against things like that happening so early in the morning!