In the High Peaks

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Let's Celebrate--Reading Gluttony Begins!

Christmas Open House on December 12:
First off, Tracy at Bitter Tea and Mystery has a fascinating and amusing crime-worthy Christmasy post today. Her discussion of 1939 crime titles lead me to my Christmas Book Collection fantasies. Would it be possible for me to collect the title(s) she discusses? I never know until I begin the search. I can't afford to go about genuine book collecting for everything that fascinates me, yet her selections seem too good to pass up. I will investigate tomorrow, on Friday the 13th! A perfect day for searching for books of crime, mystery, and such.

I don't know where my reading will take me tomorrow. I have to rethink the entire goose. I will begin the morning finishing Rhys Bowen's The Twelve Clues of Christmas. I've read so much of it now that I can exhort you all not to miss it. I heartily recommend. It will put you in the Christmas spirit immediately and cheer you up if that's what you need.


  1. Judith, thanks for mentioning my post here. I plan to do a post for Christmas books I hope to read, soon or in the future. Just have to find the time in this crowded season. Seems like everything gets busier at Christmas, even work.

    1. Tracy,
      Do I ever know what you mean about finding time in December! Work, too--all that end-of-year nonsense!
      I hope you manage some peaceful time at some point this month or at New Year's!