In the High Peaks

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please Follow My Vow

Oh! How I would love to lose myself in an international mystery or thriller, a travel memoir to exotic terrain, an historical novel set in the Middle Ages, or,...or,... even leave my office to tour with The Hunger Games trilogy.

But I can't right now. It is impossible.

Is it really? Do I have to work every minute?

Yesterday I managed to traipse through our forest, way out back where the earth is damp even in dry summers, searching for a particularly delectable mushroom. I had success, dear readers. I came home with a basket full of orange Lactaria mushrooms, to be sauteed in garlic and butter and lime, to accompany our dinner of barbecued chicken. Fun!

I know this. My brain needs release. To lie fallow. To rest and recuperate from trying to write syllabi that refuse to be completed, from preparing assignments for classes that--ach, please, shut up, Judith!

I'm nearing the end of All Souls (scroll down) and am dying to read something else. I want to submerge my nose in a page-turner that will grasp me in its talons! (What an image!)

My solemn vow: I will wake up tomorrow morning and read 30 minutes of the page-turner. That will be followed by two hours of work. Then 20 minutes of reading, followed by two more hours of work. Then 30 minutes of reading. And so on! What a plan! I'm feeling my heart surge.

I'm going to read the classic Dragonwyck by Anya Seton. I bought it about a month ago. It counts for the Gothic Challenge, and it's set in New York State's Hudson Valley. Away I go!

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