In the High Peaks

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogs I Follow

Actually, the Book Blogger Hop (hosted by Crazy for Books) question this week is: How many blogs do you follow? A complicated question for several reasons.

On my browser's "Favorites" lists, I have links to about 100 book blogs. When I visited each one the first time, I knew I wanted more of it. But I can't visit them all daily, nor can I read them all weekly. I regularly follow about 25 book blogs, tuning in about 3 times a week, and another 12-15 I read weekly. The rest I visit when I have that glorious chunk of time and I'm in surfer mode. Rainy Saturdays and Sundays are a perfect time.

I have links to book blogs whose writers have become famous, but I rarely visit them anymore. Years ago I loved these blogs when they were new and full of pizazz. Many bloggers in this category have lost the personal touch, are burned out, and should move on. Many do not allow comments anymore. Not much fun.

Even if you're not doing the hop this week, please weigh in. What are your book blogging habits?


  1. Hi Judith, I'm hopping by! How are your classes? We just started school this week--I love all 130 of my students. I like blogs that have a personal voice, a little bit of humor,and individuality. I follow many blogs, but don't read every blog every day.

  2. I think my following and reading practices are very similar to yours. In fact your post reminded me that I forgot some blogs that I check - ummm, maybe once every few weeks. They were on my blogroll when I first started blogging and they are still there, but I forget to check them - I guess I am not a follower. At any rate, I am happy with reading the posts from people I do follow.

    Great post.

    Hope you can hop by for a visit at LibraryCats Books.

  3. Hi, hopping by to see what is new. I'm already a follower.

  4. I have more blogs in my Reader than blogs that I actually follow (I usually subscribe for a while, then follow). There are days when my Reader just seems a little out of control!!

  5. I have some favourite blogs on Google reader so I can see when they have put a new post up. At the moment the blogs which I visit tend to be those of people who were involved with the Classics Circuit, which is now sadly defunct. Others I click on from blogrolls.

    I don't look at a lot of blogs, but I intend to do so more often as I find it relaxing as well as informative.