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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Onward with Versatility!

I'm so appreciative and grateful that Lisa at Bibliophiliac has decided to award me the Versatile Blogger's Award. Based on the past three weeks here, I scarcely deserve it, but I must say that Lisa's act of bestowing the award has given me the motivation to try harder to share the books that are so meaningful to my life.

I have several obligations to fulfill for receiving this award, and I'm afraid everyone will have to wait until tomorrow for me to begin satisfying those tasks. I think you and I will enjoy it. And by all means, please do visit Lisa's blog--it's one of the finest.

Tonight I want to say that Noam Shpancer has eagerly responded to my request for a brief interview here. (See yesterday's post.) That will be fun! It's so nice when authors reply promptly to these requests. So stay tuned!

Because I had a doctor's appointment way down south in Saratoga Springs today, I had the chance to stop at Crandall Library to pick up the books waiting for me. One is The Island by Elin Hilderbrand, which I've already posted about (and have been longing for!), and the other is a book I've not heard much about, entitled The Summer We Read Gatsby. The New York Times pooh-poohed it a bit, but, for some reason, that did not deter me from wanting to read it. The novel is by and please do click on her link to read the exquisite Danielle Ganek Publishers Weekly and Booklist reviews and others beside!

Did you know that we all are going to have to pay for access to The New York Times come November? It's a price I'll gladly pay, but it is the only newspaper I'm willing to pay for, unless you can think of another I should consider! Do tell!

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