In the High Peaks

Friday, August 6, 2010

Music While Reading & Julia Glass's New Novel

Blog Hoppers! I fear you will be disappointed. I don't listen to music when I'm reading.

I luxuriate in the stillness of our mountain world. On our 3-mile road, there are only five year-round residences. I think if I lived in New York City I would certainly listen to music; partly to drown out noise, but also to create a sense of calm. I would probably listen to classical piano music--Chopin, for example.

But here on my forest green couch, I like reading while listening to the sound of Sophie's breathing (Soph is our golden retriever) and the rustle and whoosh of the wind. That's the best music of all.

But when I'm blasting away on the treadmill, I need fast, very fast, ROCK to keep me hopping!

I have a book announcement to make.
To be published in September, a new novel by Julia Glass, the National Book Award Winner of Three Junes, which happens to be the only book of hers I haven't read.

Her new title is The Widower's Tale. As is the case with her other books, there are multiple characters carrying many different storylines--all interwoven, intersecting, and interesting! I highly recommend her work. Do give her a try! I especially loved The Whole World Over.


  1. Ahhh... a blogger I can relate to.

    Someone who actually doesn't live in a city and isn't afraid to put out there how much better rural life is than life in a crowded, traffic-ridden frenzy!

    I tried to live in a city once (Sydney, Australia). Too crowded. Too many cars. I took me 45 minutes to get to work! Couldn't see the stars properly at night. Too many Jonses to keep up with.

    So I went back to my quiet bush life. Now, I live in remote Outback Australia. It takes me 10 minutes to walk to work!

    Anyway, I've subscribed because I like the books you review.

    Oh yeah. Music.... oh well. Doesn't matter now I've had my rant!

  2. I keep hearing good things about Julia Glass, so I'll be sure to check this one out!

  3. Hi. I found you through Blog Hop Friday (my first time)...the photo at the top of your blog is beautiful and makes me long for a quiet vacation.

    I am glad to hear that Julia Glass has a new book...I too have heard good things about her but have never read her...I will try this one.

    Please stop by if you have a chance

  4. Yay, another memoir, non-fiction, literary fiction lover :) I haven't participated in the Blog Hop but do stop by there to see if I can find blogs I like.

    I'm a Follower now. Stop by Lynne's Book Reviews if you get a chance.

  5. Hi. I'm stopping by from the hop. It's nice to meet someone with a similar taste in books and I can certainly relate to what you say about traveling through books. I would like nothing better than to travel the world but that has just never been a possibility. So I let writers take me away with them on their travels. I have read so many great travel memoirs and can't get enough of them!
    Nice to meet you,

  6. Hopping on over to say hello! Very nice to discover your blog ! :)