In the High Peaks

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Whatever Happened to Hilary Mantel?

I still can't read. Three concerned doctors on Monday told me that they concluded it's just a psoriasis lesion on the inside of my eyelid (and outside, of course) that's scratching my eye and causing the pain and blurriness. Hail! Hail! So ointments, etc. should eventually get me tied up with printed books again. Hoping!

In the meantime, I was doing the grand tour of my many bookshelves (so much fun on a brutally humid day), only to find myself with a big question. I thought that Hilary Mantel, author of Wolf Hall and Bringing Up the Bodies was writing a trilogy about Thomas Cromwell. Bringing Up the Bodies, which was excellent, was published in 2012. So I'm asking and wondering if any of you know if you've heard anything about the third and last book in the series? I don't want to seem impatient, but I haven't heard a thing. I'm wondering if Mantel is taking a breather and writing other books? Being in the U.S. makes it harder to figure out what might be happening.
I do hope Mantel's health is not the issue.


  1. I think a lot of readers are impatient for the next book, as far as I know she's just not in a hurry to write it - or complete it anyway. I suppose she doesn't need the money now!

    1. When I think of the intense amount of research she had to do for the first two books, I don't blame her for taking a break, or approaching the writing in a more relaxed manner. And, yes, I'm sure the "wolf" is not at her door either.

  2. I just saw that you were having vision problems. I am so sorry, that is the scariest thing for me as I grow older, not being able to read. My grandmother and my mother both had vision problems later in life, and my grandmother just loved to read. So I am glad to hear it is not your eyes, and that it probably will go away soon. Thinking very good thoughts for you.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thank you so much for your concern and caring! I'm still "blurry," but am hoping for a resolution to all of this soon. The docs, in the final analysis, were confident that it will all get straightened out. But after three days on the ointments, I'm not at all sure how long it will take.
      BUT!! They both assured me that my eyes look 100 percent okay, so I think I just have to ride through this frustrating time.
      I have been writing up a storm using the laptop. (larger font size needed). So that's a good diversion.

      I do hope that your vision problems as you age will be nothing like your mother's and grandmother's. And if you do have any trouble, I know treatments are so much better than they were. I do hope so for you.

      I think after all my bookshelf tours, I will this weekend begin culling. I really need to do it, and get these books off of their piles on the floors!!

    2. Oh, and Tracy, Ken and I are planning to go see Mamma Mia! this weekend. We saw the trailer when we were at the movies seeing The Book Club last month. This new movie looks and sounds so good.

    3. I would love to see that movie, but I will have to wait until it is on DVD or streaming. And probably watch it alone, my husband is not a fan.

    4. Oh, Tracy, I can relate to that.
      Ken and I enjoy many, many of the same programs, but I draw the line at Criminal Minds (too horrible!) and he draws the line at historical documentaries.

    5. That is funny, Judith. Actually I told my husband what I had said and he protested that he would watch those movies with me. (He will not watch My Best Friend's Wedding, or Philadelphia Story, or The Bishop's Wife.) We finally gave up on Criminal Minds a few years ago, it is too horrible. Fortunately we both like historical documentaries.

    6. Tracy,
      What is really, really funny is that after I wrote what I did, Ken and I watched the PBS American Experience doc on The Pilgrim Migration. It was 2 hours and he sat right through it without complaint and with downright interest. Why??
      Several months ago I was working on the genealogy of his closest pickle ball buddy. Both of their Maine relatives originated in the same group of towns back in the early 18th century. I thought it was possible that they might share an ancestor here or there, because the population in Maine at that time was sparse. Sure enough, I discovered that they are 7th cousins, which thrilled Ken and his friend Ed no end.
      BUT, what was amazing to me, is that Ken has two Mayflower ancestors through this family line. Before this Ken had pooh-poohed the Pilgrims and the Puritans, but now he's really interested in what they are all about.
      I never saw him so engrossed in a historical documentary. Interesting!