In the High Peaks

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bookish Problems and Travel Plans for September

I spent Monday through Thursday morning in the Boston area, and I want to emphasize that the purpose of the trip was NOT for pleasure, although I did manage to have time for a wonderful reunion dinner with my brother, and on another evening, a serendipitous rendezvous with disconnected strangers stranded in an excellent pub due to torrential downpours and flash flooding.

I've luxuriated in being home again, but I've had sudden, terribly blurred vision that has made reading a book so extremely difficult that I've had to engage in other activities. How annoying to a summer reader! So I need to charge into audiobooks in a big way and also see the doctor on Monday, which is always a big waste of time. Bah humbug! I'm sure my vision will sort itself out all on its own, given some peace and quiet.

I was reading Summer Before the End of the War by Helen Simonson, and was enjoying it. I'll pick it up again soon, I'm sure.

September travel plans: I'm dying to reunite with the ocean. I want to have salt water waves roll over my toes. I want to smell brine and seaweed. I must get up close and personal with the Maine and Cape Cod shorelines. We're trying to figure it all out now. A little late, perhaps?? Maybe, but I hope we can  wrangle something together.


  1. Really sorry to hear about your blurred vision. Eye strain perhaps? I get it when I read a bit too much. Not that I think there's any such thing as reading too much... *cough*

    Oh gosh, spending time on on the Maine coast sounds utterly idyllic to me. If you go I hope you'll post about it.

    1. Hi Cath,
      I wish it were eye strain. It started last week, toward the end of a horrendously stressful and taxing four days in Boston (not a pleasure trip by any means).
      So if I attribute whatever has happened to anything, it's definitely the stress, because I wasn't reading much at all. Both eyes are not tracking in sync as well. I will check with the doctor, but I imagine things just need to settle down. There's no place like home sweet home at times.

      And Maine--we really want to go to Monhegan Island for about 4-5 days. And because Ken and I are back into photography, I will be able to post photos. Thanks for asking me to do that, because I might never have thought of it.

  2. I hope your eye problem clears up soon. I enjoyed Summer Before the End of the War too, but I never listen to audiobooks, I have a horrible feeling that my mind would wander!

    1. Hi Katrina,
      I'm sorry it has taken me two days to find that I hadn't replied to your comment!
      You know, I am so in tune with you about audiobooks. As I've mentioned in a blog post before, I am not as good a listener as I am a reader, not by any means whatsoever.

      I do have audiobooks for kitchen work and for the treadmill, then another audiobook (biography or nonfiction only) for long drives.
      And yes, this weekend, I hope to get back to knitting, so I will listen to an audiobook then, BUT:
      My preference is for the printed pages of a book! All serious reading must be in book form. Nook books are for less serious fiction.
      And I do have a wandering mind when I drive with an audiobook, unless the book is really absorbing. All of a sudden, I'll find my mind has been working on a problem or on where to go for vacation, and then I wonder how do I get back to where I left off?