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Friday, November 11, 2016

"Well, At Least We're Better Than Americans," Saith English Blogger

Before I begin, let's recognize that Americans enjoy British book blogs and feel akin to British readers, and vice versa.

The title quote was written by a fairly well-known British book blogger who commented on a post by a British book blogger who is, for a brief time only, on my "Blogs of Substance" list. This quote was what the former said she told her children, reassuring them, evidently.

What this writer completely failed to note and, let's face it, was probably too ignorant to know, was that the majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. "Darling" Donald won the electoral vote and Hillary won the popular vote--more Americans voted for her than for the Donald. This has happened five times before in the 20th century, most recently with Al Gore's loss to George W. Bush.

I'm so glad that this British woman feels so superior to Americans, all evidence to the contrary. She can engender global superiority wherever she goes.

But, on the other hand, other intelligent Brits have examined the voter returns, and realize that college-educated men and women did NOT vote for Trump.

The blog who hosted and approved this blogger's comment will be removed from my "Blogs of Substance" list in the next few days. Don't worry--this host blogger has only been doing political commentary since earlier this year. She stopped blogging about books months ago. You won't be losing any book news, I promise! This blogger has harangued Americans in the past year as well.

Yes, I believe in free speech, but ignorant free speech, which ignores the facts and obliterates the population of an entire country is not tolerable.

I love British book bloggers' blogs. And I will continue to enjoy them and respond to them. Let's enjoy and celebrate our mutual love of books, and forget this denigration of our nation. Thank you! I don't think I or any other American deserve it.


  1. I've been so embarrassed by all the America bashing posts I've seen on FB (I haven't actually seen any on blogger, but that may be because I'm busy at the moment and haven't been around a lot) and I can only apologise on behalf of the ignorant people in the UK who're saying these things. I'm fully aware that more people voted for Hilary than DT and also, much as I want to deny it, not everyone who voted for him is ignorant and stupid. I might not agree with their stance but they are entitled to their views in a democracy. I don't know who this person is but she's clearly not worth your attention.

    1. Cath,
      Thank you for your thoughts and your gentle correction of my wayward thinking. I appreciate it mightily and thank you for reading my post today.

  2. Do you realize that you sound just like her? I know plenty of college-educated people who voted for 'f******' Donald.

    1. Oops...Guess I hit a button there. Regretfully.

  3. Judith,
    Pay no attention to that idiot. Those who live in Britain (certainly in the lower part of its landmass) really have no right to cast aspersions against US citizens considering the idiocy they perpetrated against our interest on June 23rd.
    In any case some of us know that there are many decent people in the US (some of whom may have voted for Trump for whatever reason.) We also know that only 27% of the US electorate actually voted for Trump, that he polled fewer votes than Hillary and many fewer than Mitt Romney 4 years ago.
    You get another go in 4 years' time. We can only hope Trump has not disappointed his supporters so badly in that time that they opt for something worse.

    1. Jack,
      Thanks so much for posting your thoughts and offering support. I must admit I did find myself wondering how those of the southern persuasion had the gall to cast aspersions on us--after all, what is she doing to help her country after the Brexit vote?
      Yes, the June 23rd vote. One of the main topics among the liberally minded news media is bafflement about why exactly people vote against their own personal interests?
      Because Trump believes climate change is "a hoax," and because he has vowed to dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency, the environment is going to be one of my primary regions of activism.
      Thank you for replying!