In the High Peaks

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Night

Ken is my favorite political junkie--he thrives on every iota of political news. If the news weren't always so terrible, I'd revert to my political junkie days.

During the summer of 1968, I watched the Republican and Democratic Conventions while knitting my father a sweater. At that time, convention coverage was all-day and all-night from a Monday through Thursday. It was fascinating--all the rumble and tumble. I enjoyed it as a 15-year-old during an unbearably hot summer. I have not repeated the experience.

This year my saving grace was my daily reading of The Washington Post and their thorough, excellent coverage. Saved me from the sound of Donald's voice and the whine of the television news, which is pathetic tripe.

But tonight, though we haven't discussed it, I know we'll both stay up, watching the television election coverage, until the verdict has been nailed down; that is, if it closes tonight. Oh, please! Not a repeat of 2000!

Reading-wise: I've been ever so busy, though I finished a work project today and my work-work is fairly well off the desk until the end of the year. Hurrah! I need time to finish the most excellent The Trespasser by Tana French. Before bed, when my brain is none too keen, I've been reading The Body in the Snowdrift by Katherine Hall Page, a February mystery set in Vermont. A cozy, and who needs cozying  more than politically-bereft people?

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