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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Caroline's Antonio Tabucchi Week and the New Literature and War Readalong

As you know, I was captivated by Caroline's Literature and War Readalong last month and am participating this month. Luckily I was able to find the title scheduled to be discussed on August 31st, The Story of a Life by Aharon Appelfeld, who has lived in Israel since after World War II. Yes, he's a Holocaust survivor. He burrows deep into sensory memory for his description of his youngest years in this memoir, reminding me a bit of Marcel Proust. I'm enjoying it, mostly because it is so different from other Holocaust memoirs, of which I've read a large number.

And, the week of September 17-23, Caroline is hosting an Antonio Tabucchi Week, which will gather reflections from readers who have read any number of  Tabucchi's oeuvre. I have never read or heard of this author and have read so very few novels by Italian writers, that I've ordered Pereira Declares, a novel set in Portugal during the Fascist 1930s. Why Portugal? Tabucchi adores Portugal, and is a professor of Portuguese literature. I know zilch about Portugal, other than a movie about the children of Fatima, and the fact that it has a long border on the ocean.

Caroline is having so much fun with these events that I think I might consider hosting one, if I'm able to get my readership back into fighting order.


  1. Thanks a lot for mentioning my events.
    It should be a very interesting month reading wise.
    Both writers, Tabucchi and Applefeld are sytlists and well worth discovering.
    I'm very curious to see what event you will organize.
    Whatever it is, i hope yu will find participants.
    Of course we blog for ourselves but it still so much nicer when interested people join the discussion.
    Thanks for joining me.

  2. Caroline,
    I'm a bit slow to respond! I'm in complete agreement with you; it's wonderful to share a book with like-minded fellow readers.

    I'm so in tune with Appelfeld. He is a wonderful writer and it is a fascinating book.

  3. I m looking forward to this going pick one up later this month a few on the internet I ve not read ,all the best stu

    1. In addition to the Tabucchi, the Appelfeld title, as well as all the novels he has published, have been translated from Hebrew.

      I'm astounded by Appelfeld's The Story of My Life. A *unique* Holocaust memoir--very different. I can't wait to turn to a few of his novels.


    2. Stu, I'm so glad you're interested in joining along for the Tabucchi week. I'd be so glad to know the novels of his you've already read.


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