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Monday, August 27, 2012

Bernhard Schlink Week, Nov. 11-17, 2012

Please let me know how the Bernhard Schlink Week fits into your reading schedules.

Am I overlapping with other important reading weeks? Holidays in countries I'm not aware of? Are you getting married, having a baby, or becoming a grandfather that week? Please let me know.
I would like to choose a week that will work for people who are tempted to participate.

I've chosen this particular week because there's just a hint of a bit of a lull in both my colleges' calendars during this week. Mid-terms are long over, research projects are underway, but nothing HUGE enters the picture during this week.

These dates also allow me plenty of preparation time as well, giving me time to seek out fascinating Schlink links during the next two months. I'll start working on it now so that you can "tune in" on any day of that week for some good "Schlinky" information.

To get you started, the following fiction titles are easily available in the U.S., and I imagine in Europe and the UK as well. There are more, and I want to list everything in print, including his nonfiction, though not tonight.
  • Summer Lies (short stories) 2012
  • The Weekend      2010
  • Homecoming     2007
  • The Reader   1997
  • Flights of Love (short stories)   2001
Then there are his crime novels, none of which I've ever tried. Maxine, have you sampled any?
  • Self's Murder  2005
  • Self's Deception   2007
  • Self's Punishment (with Walter Popp)  2009
I've read The Reader, The Homecoming, Flights of Love, and The Weekend. I plan to reread The Homecoming because I read it on the Kindle, and it's funny how it's hard for me to recall details in the e-book format. Others, too.


  1. count me in Judith I ll do a post over weekend on blog ,I m not sure which of his Ill pick as read all his none crime ones so maybe time to try a crime one ,all the best stu

    1. Stu,
      I'm so glad you're interested. If you've read all his non-crime fiction, I'll be listing his nonfiction titles as well, as soon as I get a chance.


  2. Of course I'm an and will announce it on my blog as well juts not yet.
    I'm not sure if we will do the German Literature Month, if so, it's in November but that would be quite good.

    1. Hi, Caroline,
      Please don't change your plans for the German Literature Month. I'd love to participate if it is at all humanly possible! I love continually expanding my knowledge of German writers.

      I'm happy you'd like to participate in the Schlink Week.


  3. Me too, although I haven't a clue what I'll read either. Maybe one fiction and one non-fiction.
    I know what you mean about e-books, I really need the real thing to flick through, then the details all surface again.

    1. Katrina,
      I enjoy reading thrillers and mysteries and all sorts of stuff on the Nook, but never will I try to participate in a discussion without a hard copy.

      I'd so enjoy it if you're able to read two titles. All the more interesting!

      I realize I've got to list Schlink's nonfiction for everyone. Will do it soon.


  4. Today I got Summer Lies from my local library, both to prepare for your BS week and for the German Literature Month both in November. I enjoyed the first two and will probably finish tomorrow (I commute by public transport)

    1. Hi, David,
      Thank you for joining in the Schlink Week! I liked the first two stories very much as well, and that's exactly where I am situated in the collection.

      I'm looking forward to visiting your blog.