Thursday, December 8, 2011

P.D. James? A New Book?

I'm mystified!

P.D. James has published a new book! I must admit I was flabberghasted when I heard the news and heard her interviewed on National Public Radio. Wow! James had said, after the publication of The Private Patient, that that was her final book.

Now I need to figure out all over again exactly how old she is. Her late eighties, to be sure. I will verify this fact eventually.

But I'm not sure I'm wowed over her choice of subject. She's continuing the lives of the Darcys from Pride and Prejudice, has given them two healthy boys, and boom(!), a murder is committed.

Well, of course I'll read it, but I have my reservations. How many "sequels" to Pride and Prejudice have there been? And I haven't been inspired to read any of them.


  1. I once read one, years ago, and it was dreadful. This one, by PD James, is another book that I won't be reading!

  2. I know exactly how you feel, much as I love P&P I haven't felt the need to read any of the many spin offs or rip offs. It seems a strange thing for P.D.James to write.