Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guess What's New? I'm Reading!

Hope is in the air! First of all, I received a wonderful email, very early in the morning of a cold, dreary day. A college to the north of us has told me they're interested in me teaching a couple of courses in the Fall 2012 semester. That will help with our 2012 financial shortfall.

Secondly, I downloaded an inexpensive murder mystery onto my Nook, Deadmistress by Carole Schmurak,and am finally reading. Not just any old kind of reading, but loving reading. Blissful sigh! (Can you hear that in your neck of the planet?)

Deadmistress is no work of art, but it's a marvelous potboiler about the death of a headmistress at an exclusive boarding school. Such fun. Fun dialogue. No setting, really. But enough stuff to keep me happy turning the pages. All of this, thanks to Maxine of Petrona!

Two weeks of classes left, but, you know, I already feel more relaxed, like a hyperactive clock with batteries that are slowly running D-O-W-N.


  1. Judith, sometimes a potboiler is just exactly what you need. Great news about the work.

  2. So glad you are enjoying it - I remember it as a light read, nicely distracting. I must catch up on the rest of the series. Roll on the end of term;-)

  3. Katrina and Maxine,
    Thank you for your thoughts! It's wonderful to hear from you. I hope I'm heading into a reading binge!