Monday, December 26, 2011

Garnet Hill Lodge Week

My leisure plans are on hold while I fulfill a dream and help the new owners of Garnet Hill Lodge launch their resort.

A year ago, Garnet Hill Lodge, a beautiful cross-country skiing and mountain summertime resort, fell into terrible times--so terrible that I feared the lodge might remain vacant for many years. BUT! Wonderful news in early December! One of Ken's clients, who is a neighbor across the Kibby Creek wilderness behind us, won Garnet Hill at auction and, thank goodness, Garnet Hill moves forward!

I'm so happy that Don Preuniger and his partner Mindy Piper are the new owners. With the two of them at the helm, and Pat Connor by their side, they are all set to resurrect the wondrous beauty of Garnet Hill in North River, New York.

I'm beyond psyched. But a fly in the ointment. Only a few inches of snow at Christmas on the ground at the moment. Help! Please send snow!

On the 23rd of December, the day after I picked up my final exams, I sat on the couch and brainstormed how I could help them with the lack of snow situation. I phoned and offered them lots of guided nature excursions for their guests.

Yeah, I'm a naturalist nut, so I'm overwhelmingly busy this week until New Year's, guiding their guests in the wilderness. Cool!

But, all this discussion is to tell you I'm not reading this week.

Hopefully, after New Year's Day. Happy holidays to all!

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  1. It sounds like you're having great time, I'm just sorry that we have no snow to send to you! Have a wonderful New Year - when it comes.