In the High Peaks

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Scottish Crime Fiction: Gordon Ferris, Anyone?

I'm delighted to discover that Scotland's Gordon Ferris's The Hanging Shed, the first book to introduce his new detective Brodie, has been quite a Kindle bestseller since Christmas 2010. I find it wonderful (and amazing) that certain titles are becoming e-book bestsellers without ever gaining a huge following in hardcover or paper. It's a fascinating phenomenon, and a global one. Perhaps folks in the UK can pick up Ferris's books no problem, but here in the US, forget it, unless you have the Amazon Kindle. The Hanging Shed has received the highest accolades from European Crime Fiction afficiandos (click on the link for a review), and I hope to read it very soon, via my Kindle, of course. Only nine dollars! I have to ask Katrina, of Pining for the West, do you know Gordon Ferris's work?

The Hanging Shed is set in Glasgow, 1946. Fantastic for my postwar fetish!

The first week of school has wreaked TOTAL HAVOC with my personal reading. School work from early morning til dinner. May this phase pass soon!


  1. I m afraid not,new to me Judith ,all the best stu

  2. I've never heard of him but I've looked him up. Obviously I should be watching STVs The Hour programme. Checked my library's catalogue, lots of books which are all out or on order, so I'm very late to the party - as ever!

    Thanks for the info, it's either hilarious or mortifying that I'm getting the news from the Adirondacks!