In the High Peaks

Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumnal Wishes

First of all, I am terribly embarrassed to confess that I have been unable to read any book whatsoever for several weeks. I have been totally incapable of concentration. I have tried everything I can think of, but nothing has helped. No book appeals to me, I'm so sorry to say. Is there a Book God I should be praying to?

This is a temporary situation, of course, but I feel enormous discomfort about it. The world has been spinning a wee bit too quickly for me and my mind is a jumble.

I am determined to participate in Beauty is a Sleeping Cat's German Literature Month in November. I'm going to read a 1950 novel by Heinrich Boll for November 26. I will get there, and it's not a long novel.

The autumn colors are glorious now, and unfortunately, it's been so dreadfully HOT! Much too hot to manage miles and miles of hiking as my friends and I would like to do. Temperatures were near 80 degrees today and humid. This is highly unusual for late September in the Adirondacks.

I do hope that you, my reading comrades, are happily ensconced in your unique reading bungalows, curled up with a book! Do report on your reading adventures


  1. I'm so glad you join us and am looking forward to see if you choose anything else apart from the Böll.
    Have you read Fallada? Little Man, What Now? is such a wonderful book.
    There wil be 30 book giveaways, I'm sure you will find books you would like. I think we got a whole Böll collection to give away.

  2. Caroline,
    I loved the Fallada book I read last year, which was published in the US as Every Man Dies Alone. I wonder if it could be the same book as the one you mention?

    US publishers play such games with titles. I really loved the Fallada book I read and I wrote a huge blog entry about it last year.


  3. Judith, it was 25 C yesterday in Fife that's 77 F and it was the hottest day of the year! What's happening to our weather?
    Hope you get out of your reading slump soon.

  4. great to see you taking part I ve four already read that held back til November and hope to find more at library soon ,all the best stu

  5. Katrina,
    Finally, we're really COOLING down. 23 degrees tonight! Please report on your weather, and if things are cooling or cooking in Scotland.

    I'm so glad you're participating in the German Novel read! Great news. Looking forward to your reactions,


  6. A great selection of books here, I have Schlink's The Reader & Hans Fallada's Alone in Berlin, I've already posted on his A short Treatise on the joys of Morphinism.