In the High Peaks

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Book Blogs of Substance

Without Wimbledon to consume my literary preoccupations today, I visited several book blogs that demanded to be added to my "Blogs of Substance" list. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I am.

The first, A Book Every Six Days, is kept by a writer who has a number of other enchanting blogs. His book blog is classically oriented and replete with information about each book he finds and reviews. All of his other blogs, and he has quite a few, are a pure delight. Thank you to the blogger who calls himself Scriptor Senex!!

The other book blog, Winstonsdad's Blog, is included because of its devotion to worldwide translated fiction. Stu seems to have his finger on the pulse of European and Asian fiction, and for that I'm grateful. By the way, Winston is his dog. I'm still trying to find out what kind of dog Winston is. I imagine Winston loves to read as much as his dad.

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  1. Thanks so much for these 2 blogs. Just added them to my google reader, they look so very good. Emma @ Words And Peace