In the High Peaks

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am Introduced to Lord Peter Wimsey

Wimbledon Saturday seriously docked my reading time today, as it has all week. I think I'm glad there's no Wimbledon play tomorrow, so I have more time to devote to reading. At this point in my long summer vacation, reading has become a passion so intense that very little can compete with it.

When I turned the last page of P.D. James's Talking Detective Fiction this morning, I immediately downloaded Whose Body? by Dorothy Sayers and am now becoming acquainted with Lord Peter Wimsey. Reading classics of the so-called "Golden Age" of detective fiction, English classics of the 1930s, is certainly a huge departure for me, but a very amusing one. I really wanted to read Sayers's Gaudy Night first, but it's not available through inter-library loan or via e-reader download. I'd have to buy a copy somehow, which I may do, depending on how Whose Body? evolves.

So, did I tell you? Ken has observed how insanely bereft I've been over the loss of my NookColor, (which I lost, stupidly, on the morning we went to pick up our new Golden Retriever), that he ordered a replacement for my birthday! I was so surprised. We are so casual about our birthdays--more often than not we don't give gifts unless there's something pressing that one of us needs or wants. (This is because we go too far overboard at Christmas.) So this morning I was able to obtain Whose Body? for 99 cents. A great deal!


  1. Gaudy Night is my favourite Sayers book, I think you'll enjoy it. I want to re-read it but can't find my copy. Some people really dislike the Peter Wimsey character and that puts them off Sayers, I find him charming.

    Your Ken is a 'top chap'- what a lovely surprise present for you. We are the same about birthdays, I haven't had a 'proper' present yet as I don't really need anything, but if I see something I want I'll get it! I'm still thinking about a Kindle, not sure I'd like one.

  2. Don't buy a read Gaudy Night until you've at least read Strong Poison! You need the 'backstory' between Peter & Harriet in order to appreciate Gaudy Night. ;)

    And what a sweetie for getting you a new Nook!

  3. Thank you, Katrina and Eva,
    I definitely want to see what Gaudy Night is all about, but I'll check out Strong Poison first!

    Thanks for the suggestions!