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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Freedom of Summer Reading

I am so keenly appreciating the time and the freedom of summer vacation to pursue my reading interests in many different directions. What a luxury and a privilege!

I thought I might be teaching this summer, but since that didn't work out, I am not bothered in the slightest. I begin and end each day reading, with plenty of outdoor walking and nature time in between to balance the mix.

On Monday, I brought home a load of German lit library finds, some that I ordered through inter-library loan and some that were on Crandall's shelves. But I need to balance the German literature with lighter reads. My problem is this: Because Sasha and Ken were waiting for me in the car, I did not do a complete "library shop." Sasha had just had her vet visit (she's 100 percent healthy, praise be!), and I was aware I was not on my own time.

I just finished the 346-page My Soul to Take: A Novel of Iceland(scroll down for details), and I must say the last 50 pages left me with my head spinning. This mystery had far too many intricate details to be worked out at the tail end of the book. Yes, I'm glad I read it, but only because I loved the first 280 pages. The end was pure brain overload. And I must say, I did enjoy the setting and description of Icelandic life and history. My advice: Have a dark roast coffee at your elbow when you hit page 280 and then dive your way through to the end of the book!

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  1. yes summer is a good time to read ,must be more so for you if you have to read other things during the year ,all the best stu