Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saved from Bureaucratic Mayhem by a Book

Of course, The Book did not prevent me from suffering the fallout of two different sets of bureaucratic mayhem that fell from the sky yesterday. Oh, no. I suffered mightily and tangled with it again today. But last evening, in spite of my wrangling, I managed to sloppily smoosh a supper together, after which I pleaded that I needed to retire to bed immediately with The Book.

I was so nerved up that I read Dragonwyck for several hours without feeling a bit sleepy! Extraordinary! But the process did allow me to gain some temporary distance from the idiocy. Thank you, dear book.

Library Loot: I will mention only one of the two titles that came in for me today. The novel I'll mention tonight is Still Missing by Chevy Stevens, a debut novel published this year by St. Martins Press. Please note, however, the copyright is in the name of Rene Unischewski. Hmmm. Chevy Stevens is a pen name, perhaps? (I wish I could do accent marks with Blogger, as in Rene!) I like the name Rene Unischewski much better, don't you? Lots of character...

In Still Missing, Annie O'Sullivan has been abducted and spent a year held captive in a cabin. Although the blurb does not reveal her getaway, she did escape, because a large part of the book is composed of Annie's monologues about her experience to a therapist.

If you follow my blog, you have probably discerned by now that I enjoy books that have therapists prominently featured. Some of my best friends are therapists. An intriguing, demanding profession.

Still Missing looks to be a lighter read than Dragonwyck and, naturally, I'm tempted to start it tonight.

My Next Post: How many books do you have going at one time? I can't wait to find out from my readers, but I think we'll have to wait until Friday, because I am expected to do the Thursday Evening Farmer's Market and Arts Walk in North Creek tomorrow late afternoon and evening. Frankly, I think it's too hot!!! We were in the high 80s again today, and we will be tomorrow, and is it ever humid! Picture a devout reader wilting. I don't keep well in this weather.

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