Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thank you, Book Blogger Hoppers

I want to say a hearty thank you to everyone who participated in the Book Blogger Hop this weekend. After a Friday all-day meeting, I awoke Saturday morning facing a gut-wrenching crisis of conscience related to my wilderness preservation work. It was a tremendous relief to take a long break and visit a number of fascinating, new (to me) "Blogs of Substance."

I felt as though all of you book bloggers are my good friends who help me survive in the midst of this crazy world we live in today.


  1. hi just stop by your blog after seeing comment on frances blog ,missed you o the hop ,like your blog be adding it to my reader ,all the bests stu

  2. Just Hopping by to say hi. I'm enjoying your blog and will be back often to see what's new!