Saturday, July 10, 2010

Holy Hell! More Authors!

Yes, at times I am driven to expletives, especially when I'm triple-tasking and not fulfilling my assignments properly.

As part of the Book Blogger Hop (see my previous post for the link), I was supposed to name my favorite authors--plural. Okay, indeed, I've had a trying week, but so has nearly everyone else. I can handle this simple task and get it right.

Paul Auster (see my previous post)

T.C. Boyle: Drop City is one of my favorite tomes of all time. No one else, not one single author has captured the mid-late 1960s the way Boyle has in that book. Also, don't miss Talk, Talk if you value the preservation of your identity. A truly, scary tale that has me hiding my personal information from everyone. No one gets my Social Security number anymore or my birthdate or anything else!

Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre is probably my all-time favorite classic. I've read it three times, all at different ages, and it has something for every decade you're alive. I also loved Villette!

Dr. Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. The Nobel Prize Winner's classic. I am as equally passionate about this novel as I am about David Lean's 1965 film masterpiece of the same name. For heaven's sake, you must see the film and read the book! Pasternak turned me on to all of Russian literature, Russian history, Russian art, and the Russian language.

P.D. James is my favorite crime writer. I've posted about her books recently.

Laura Ingalls Wilder. When this children's writer is mentioned, her daughter Rose Wilder Lane must be uttered in the same breath. Wilder Lane edited her mother's Little House books. They are incomparable American classics.

Madeleine L'Engle--my other favorite children's and young adult author of Meet the Austins, Wrinkle in Time, and many, many more. L'Engle was so acutely attuned to the sensitivities of pre-adolescents and adolescents.

I could go on and on and on with my favorite authors. But I'll stop here. Oh, don't forget Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden and The Little Princess. How I still adore those books.


  1. I agree with you on everything except I haven't read anything by T.C. Boyle and I'm getting around to Pasternak soon. What about Mark Twain and E. Nesbit's The Railway Children? Gore Vidal, I love him.

  2. Isn't it strange, I've never loved Mark Twain's books, not any of them. I guess you could say I enjoyed them, but that's about it. An incredible wit, though.

    I've never read anything by Gore Vidal. He's always been a rather flamboyant American personality, and all of his celebrity status put me off, I suppose. Which of his books did you like best?

    I should really read The Railway Children. A recommendation I'll follow up on.