In the High Peaks

Thursday, June 17, 2010

P.D. James is Tops in my Crime Book

I was inconsolable the day P.D. James announced that she had published her last novel. Of course, the woman was 88 at the time, which amazed me, and I considered myself selfish to wish that she would write more. I cheer myself up by remembering that I still have a number left to read. I have Death in Holy Orders on the shelf, and I'm eager to read Talking Detective Fiction. (Follow the link for the National Public Radio interview with James about this, her latest book.)

During all the years I've tried to find the time and the discipline to finish writing a novel, I'm reminded how she wrote for two hours daily (5-7am) before her demanding job in the Police and Criminal Law Department in the British government. She must have had the power of incredible focus to do it.

Are you a P.D. James admirer? Please tell us your favorite(s)!


  1. I remember reading and enjoying Cover Her Face years ago.I think they've all been done for T.V. now and are often re-shown, but the books are probably better.

  2. Like you, I really love James and regret the fact that there will be no more novels. My favourites are definitely the middle Dalgliesh books, 'A Taste for Death' and 'Devices and Desires'.

  3. I loved this book! I've read very few of her books--just a couple of Dalgliesh novels, but like you have them to discover still, which is a good thing.