In the High Peaks

Monday, June 28, 2010

I should be cooking dinner, a meal my husband sneered at when I revealed the evening's menu several hours ago. Ouch. I happen to love a mushroom frittata, but he doesn't. Ken was an only child, you see, and to that I attribute his fussiness about many foods. I grew up in a family where the rule was, "Eat it or starve!" Fortunately for him, Ken's sweet and very kind in dozens of other ways or the cook would go out on strike. Maybe I can coax him to a meal at the Black Mountain. That might sweeten his mood.

Okay, readers! I'm fully engaged in Julie Orringer's The Invisible Bridge and I won't return it to the library until I've read all of its 600+ pages! (Please refer to my previous post for more info.) I will likely accrue a fine, but it will be worth it. Orringer describes every scene in intricate detail so that the reader is there, fully participating. And she's a master at pacing and plot. I love that. And right now, in the first 100 pages, the setting is Paris, so what's not to like?

The Independence Day Weekend is approaching, and lots of cool weather is coming(isn't that marvelous?), so maybe I can spend my early mornings reading and walk Sophie in the late morning. I'm so excited about the cool, dry weather coming that I have lots of outdoor projects planned. Some gardening, some hiking, some butterfly and dragonfly investigations.

Back to Books: I am trying to understand all the hoopla about The Hunger Games series (Young Adults). I checked our library system catalog and the books are out everywhere, including the original title published in 2008! What is the vast appeal of this series? I'll reserve The Hunger Games from my library, and though it may take awhile to arrive, I'll see what the fuss is about. If you have a clue, please add your comments.

And, what are you reading this final week in the beautiful month of June? Please tell all!

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