In the High Peaks

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

At Least It Seems Like a Coincidence!

After all this blogging about Harper Lee and Truman Capote (see my post of May 31st below), I was driving home today and the radio show "On Point," which is carried by my local National Public Radio station, spent an hour discussing Harper Lee and the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird! You can listen to it here.

I came home and dashed to the computer to find out if a 50th anniversary edition of the book has been published, and sure enough, Harper (the publisher, this time, not the person, though believe it or not, that's my surname, too) has done it, a hardcover, with a replica of the original 1960 dustjacket. Well, of course, I'm going to go out and buy it, especially since it's my birthday tomorrow. (Believe me, that's not the only book I'm planning on buying!) More on that at a later date.

It's an extraordinary coincidence to me, because I became all wrapped up in Harper Lee and Capote weeks ago when I ran into the movie Infamous at the library. (And please allow me to correct my earlier post--the movie Capote came out in 2005 and Infamous in 2006.)


  1. Thanks for this super post. I listened to the radio show and left a small comment, there was such a lot I could have said though.Happy Birthday Judith I hope you had a lovely day. All the best people are born in June, mine is the 19th!

  2. I am really coveting a pretty new copy of that book. IT's one of my favorites!!