Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thank You, Crandall! Guilt-Free Book Shopping

Crandall Public Library, located in the city of Glens Falls, New York, is my favorite book site on Earth. It may be 36 miles from my home, but it's there and I can use it fully. Thank you, Warren County! No good pics online, so I'll take my own and post them soon.

Tuesday I had a scad of boring errands to do in the area (it's the shopping destination for my wilderness region), and, hallelujah, I had the time to spend nearly an hour at Crandall seeking the books I want and need to read.

I came home with an arm-breaking load jammed in a gigantic canvas boat bag, and I was supremely happy. Such wealth! I found two Swedish travel guides to assist me in my sensual appreciation of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. And I found so many more books that I've been dying to read. Pure Luck! Some library trips are like that.

I'll give you one teaser of a book I know I'll be zooming through, and, of course, you'll be hearing about it in the next week or so. Before I do that, I will say I've been able to borrow and tape all of the new re-digitized recordings of the Beatles' albums that were released late in 2009. On hold for me was A Hard Day's Night. And my time on the treadmill will never be the same again. Pure Genius! One by one, I've made tapes of all of the remastered albums, and the recordings have come out beautifully.

Books! The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine. Must read this quickly because it's in demand, having just been published. I own The New Yorkers, and I have to say, the tone--the voice--is exquisite in both novels. They're as funny as hell, with a dribble of sarcasm laced over the humor, and they're surprisingly relaxing, allowing the reader to stand removed from the frenetic action and, well, giggle a little. Just sit back, forget yourself, and enjoy. But, I want to emphasize, Schine is far from brainless. So do not check your brain at the door to your reading room!

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