Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Margaret Elphinstone--My First Scottish Author!

I've spent part of the day (and late yesterday) researching Scottish writers for the Scottish Literature Challenge (see yesterday's post), and I've happened upon an author and a book that I simply must read--The Gathering Night by Margaret Elphinstone.

I'll admit it's true that Elphinstone was born in Kent and is by birth and upbringing English. However, and this is a crucial point, she has spent her entire adult life in Scotland and is considered by many, if not most critics, to be a Scottish writer. Aside from that, I can't wait to read The Gathering Night! It's set in the wilderness of Mesolithic Scotland. This title is not available from any library in the upstate New York region (though her other titles are), so here's what I propose to do. The cover is so beautiful that I'm not tempted by the $9.99 Kindle price. I'm splurging on the paperback with my $25 Amazon gift certificate. Yes, it's a pricy paperback at $24.95, but there it is. I want this book in my hands and can't wait to read it.

I'll also confess I was pushed along by a photo of Elphinstone in a canoe (I'm sure they don't use the Native American term in Scotland) and she looked to be a woman I could absolutely relate to! She's a conservationist as well, and that made me feel a kinship immediately.


  1. That looks very like what we (Scots) call a canoe.I've never read anything by Elphinstone, but I'm going to read somethng by her just to see what she is like. Hope you enjoy The Gathering Night, it does seem expensive.

  2. I'm so glad you're planning to read Elphinstone. I'll be eager to read your thoughts. I believe The Gathering Night is so expensive because it's an import from the UK. I'll let you know!