In the High Peaks

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Whither Summer? Warning: Not a Book Review

We've experienced four straight days of rainy or drizzly, cloudy, and very cool weather. As it turns out, I'm delighted that the weather has been so miserable because I've been slaving over a writing chore that has been extremely complex, terribly stressful, odious, and which has necessitated that a chain be attached from my ankle to my computer chair. So I'm tremendously grateful that the sun has stayed well-hidden and the rains came pouring down during this time. Beautiful sunny weather would have made me truly crazy while I slaved over this writing nightmare.

I had little time to read this week, but I'm so thankful to Wolf Hall for seeing me through the worst. I am nearly finished.

Tomorrow is a SUN day and I'm going to get out in it as much as I can. And Monday as well. Tennis, a hike, and a trip to the swimming pool! How wonderful! Then Tuesday morning I'm off to Massachusetts to visit my mom. The weather is supposed to be stellar while I'm there, so I think Mom and I will enjoy our gadabouts as we cruise all over our old family and ancestral territory.


  1. Oh, Judith, I'm glad this horrid weather has been of benefit to someone! It seems I don't even remember what a sunny day feels like... am literally counting the hours until tomorrow. I will go out and make the most of our SUNday, too! Enjoy your time in Massachusetts.

    1. Hi, JoAnn,
      Until today, hasn't the weather been awful! But today was lovely. Had a splendid long, long walk on back country roads. Not a single car passed in two hours' time this morning. How lovely!

  2. I hate odious writing tasks! I loved Wolf Hall, although it took me forever to read. I picked up Bringing Up the Bodies recently, but haven't had time to read it.

    1. I agree completely with your sentiments about Wolf Hall. To think I started reading it in July--. But I found I needed to keep an easier to read book going at the same time. But now, as of Sunday night, I am within the last few pages. I will surely finish tomorrow.
      I picked up Bringing up the Bodies at a book sale--a gorgeous copy for a dollar. I am even more keen to read it because, truly, I had read so many books about the history in Wolf Hall over my lifetime. In fact, the only reason I read it was a friend told me it was from Thomas Cromwell's point of view. That indeed made the novel interesting. But I'm looking forward to moving ahead.
      Wishing you lots of time for refreshing reading breaks this fall!