In the High Peaks

Friday, August 22, 2014

Terrible Week but Accident by Chris Pavone Improved It!

This has been a terrible week for us, by all accounts, making us wish we could just stay in bed and pull the covers over our heads, and rainy to boot! But our books prevail upon us not to give up the ghost.

When I think I'm going to shriek, reading ten to twenty pages of Wolf Hall calms me. I'm very near the end now after all this time.

And I discovered that my library copy of Accident by Chris Pavone is quite a page-turner! Very different and fascinating. I read his first novel Expats and liked it very much. In Accident he draws on his years of experience as a book editor in New York. Oh, yes, it's scrumptious, if you have even the slightest interest or experience in book publishing. Pavone is a superb suspense writer. And all the twists and turns are so unexpected because they're so different from the twists in Expats. This guy is good!

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  1. Hi Judith - it's been a while but catching up with my blogging. 'The Expats' is a page turner and reminds me of my time as an expat too.