In the High Peaks

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thursday Will Be a Rainy Day Readathon!

Severe neck pain is controlling my reading behavior tomorrow even more than all the rain that's been forecast. I worked for 11 hours with neck pain today, complete with 125 miles of driving. That did kill me. But annihilation of this kind is very, very good, because tomorrow all I'll be able to do is READ. Isn't this fact worth all the pain of today? Well, almost...

I'm currently halfway through Casebook by Mona Simpson, a book I'm enjoying immensely, though I'm becoming extremely more and more nervous as 14-year-old Miles is hot on the scent of what is really going on with Mims, his mother. Yes, he and his friend Hector have been eavesdropping on nearly every phone conversation she's had in the last 3 years or so. They gather information that astounds, baffles, and stupefies Miles and Hector, Miles's best buddy. The tension keeps escalating. I'm so committed now that I couldn't stop even if I wanted to.

And NO! no! no! This is not a YA novel, not one bit! Actually, this fact makes me even more nervous, because most YA novels end on a somewhat hopeful note. So I am truly worried about Miles as he attempts to negoiatie many complex adult relationships. His viewpoint is intriguing--intensely so. Note! I'm just halfway through, but as of this point, I consider it a very worthwhile read.


  1. There must be an easier way to get a reading day!! Enjoy, but feel better, too.

    1. JoAnn,
      Of course, you're right! But isn't it interesting that a day of total rest did decrease the pain level. True, it hasn't been eliminated, and I need the chiropractor to fix things up, but thank goodness when one has time to rest and doze these things out.
      Thank you!