In the High Peaks

Friday, June 27, 2014

La Peur (Fear) by Gabriel Chevallier: Mention Today, To Be Completed 6/28

Many thanks to Caroline of Beauty is a Sleeping Cat for selecting Gabriel Chevallier's 1930 World War I novel, La Peur for the Literature and War Readalong for the month of June. I've been so excited to connect with a French novel about World War I, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it, but I'm not able to write my thoughts this evening. It's on my docket to write a post tomorrow, Saturday the 28th. My excuse: It was a glorious summer day today, and I spent it hiking early in the morning, then sketching and painting en plein air by a local lake, and then swimming in an outdoor pool. Lovely.

I'm also halfway through Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch at the moment. I don't want to say a thing about it until I'm finished. I've had some queasy feelings, I will say, but no point in discussing the novel until I've finished. Are you reading it, or do you plan to this summer?

More to come!


  1. Can't wait for your comments on the French-set book and the other one by Koch. Also Mona Simpson's book, too.

    And no guilt about enjoying the beautiful days up where you live. If I lived there, I'd be outside, too, although perhaps with a book . But love the hiking and swimming idea.

    Me? I have to write something but I will walk around, go for iced coffee, perhaps walk to a shopping center and browse the plant and book stores and sample bakeries. (Someone has to do it!) Or I'll sit on my stoop and read.

    Have to catch good weather before the dog days of summer set in.

    Happy reading!

    1. Bookstores and bakeries--I wish we had some of those up here. And a place where I could read outside at home without being attacked by insects! Our neighborhood is definitely Bugsville.
      I need to comment on Simpson's book. I liked it very much. Almost done with Summer House.
      Happy reading to you, too!

  2. That's quite a teaser for Summer House... I'm slowly working my way up the library hold list!

    1. JoAnn,
      Almost finished with Summer House. I will hold all comments until my post on it, but I wish you were reading it right now!

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely day. I'm looking forward to the review. I think La Peur is an excellent book.

    1. I think very highly of La Peur. I'm looking forward to reading more about this author's life and his other work.