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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Speed Reading May Be Necessary: Brian Payton's The Wind is Not a River

Today I picked up two books that came up for me at the library and they're due in two weeks because other readers are waiting. I know I can read a book a week, but it makes me nervous, as in the days when I had a publisher's deadline. Anyway, I'm very much interested in both books. First is the Canadian writer Brian Payton's The Wind Is Not a River, a WWII historical novel set in the Aleutian Islands off Alaska. The Aleutian Island wilderness fascinates me, and, of course the Japanese were dead-set on occupying the Aleutians, so off I go. But it's not just about soldiers--it's about a war reporter and his struggle to survive, and the life of the wife he leaves behind in Seattle.

Brian Payton also wrote another book that's right up my alley: Shadow of the Bear: Travels in Vanishing Wilderness, which received a number of awards, including the National Outdoor Book Awards Book of the Year.

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