In the High Peaks

Monday, February 24, 2014

Fiction-Nonfiction-Fiction-Nonfiction: Enjoying the Mix

All this year I've been reading novels and nonfiction at the same time, back and forth, and am amazed at what a pleasant combination this reading tandem is. As far as nonfiction goes, it's history that's been grabbing me lately, and I've been thrilled by the information and the challenges that works of history offer.

I'm especially keen on New England colonial history, (1620-1778), even though right now The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey has me totally absorbed in English history.

And this year I'm determined to read some more historical fiction. Wolf Hall is tops on my list, and I hope to be getting to it in the early spring. Last year I bought a pristine hardcover copy because I knew I wanted a keeper.

At the moment, I am head over heels with Julia Spencer-Fleming's To Darkness and To Death, the fourth in her series. Clare Fergusson is a gem, as is Russ Van Alstyne. I believe in them, and I can't help myself from feeling I know them personally, as if I could drive to Millers Kill and be in on all the action. Although the first quarter of To Darkness was a tad slow, I'm now halfway through and loving every minute. I enjoy the lightning pace of this sort of mystery, which is a relief when I'm reading history nonfiction at a much slower pace.


  1. I like reading non-fiction too, Judith. Especially travel writing. But I read so little of it these days. You've inspired me to give a book a go.

  2. Sarah,
    I find reading a mix of genres so invigorating. I'll be interested to hear about the books you read!