Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott Challenge for January

I regret I must make this a brief post. More tomorrow! But I do want to let readers know that Katrina of Pining for the West, Peggy Ann of  Peggy Ann's Post, and I will soon begin a read of the classic Scottish historical novel (with romance thrown in) of Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. Wouldn't you love to join us?

Over the years, die-hard women devotees of historical novels have again and again informed me that Ivanhoe is a must-read classic of the genre. I've always wanted to discover what piqued their interest in this early-nineteenth-century historical novel. So here I am, eager to plunge in and learn what all the fuss is about. I loved Chapter One. So I'm thinking I must be on my way.

Yes, of course, you're invited! We'd love a few more eager readers to join us. Perhaps you wish not only to read Ivanhoe, but also to sign up for the Read Scotland 2014 Challenge hosted by Peggy Ann. I've signed up.

We're having a snowstorm and it's frigidly, brutally cold with a high temperature today of only 1 degree F with windchill temps in the minus twenties. I managed a short walk with the dog but just barely. It will be much colder and windier tomorrow, so we will not venture far from the door. At least I hope not!


  1. Judith, I've reached chapter 5 of Ivanhoe and I'm enjoying it so much more than The Talisman so it should be a 'scoosh'!
    It's that wind chill that gets you, like being hit in the face by shards of glass. Here we are having yet another gale and there are very high tides too so people are being flooded, it's worst in the west of the UK, so we're OK apart from the wind.

    1. Katrina,
      I'm so sorry to be getting back to you more than a week after you posted this! I love Ivanhoe, too. I keep telling Ken how great it is, and he says, "You're kidding me. I don't believe it." But there it is.
      Your weather sounds perilous, what with the high tides and flooding. We just had nearly a week with high temps in the single digits and winds 30mph plus. Windchill 20 below. And that's the worst we've had this year. That wind is what is really murderous.
      Today it's raining like mad and 45 degrees. This is extremely unusual, and it's happened repeatedly this year.