Friday, January 3, 2014

Adventuring into 2014 Reads--Chevy Stevens & Ivanhoe!

Somehow or other, right before New Year's, I was at my small local, local library and chanced upon Always Watching by the Canadian writer Chevy Stevens, her most recent thriller. Like the first Chevy Stevens's novel I read, Still Missing, which won the 2011 International Thriller of the Year Award in the Best First Novel category, Always Watching grabbed me from the first chapter and I'm still turning the pages, even though other novels are claiming my attention. Oh, yes, I'm reading some Ivanhoe everyday, which, line by line is fascinating. Why this is so, I must explain in a subsequent post.


  1. I have never heard of Chevy Stevens but I do love a good thriller! That's a name I will have to look out for from now on.

  2. I do recommend her first, Still Missing, as a first read of Stevens. Now that I've finished Always Watching, I can say I enjoyed it, but it wasn't stellar, by any means