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Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas Open House: Dec. 1-31. An Important Introduction

This event is for speakers and readers of all languages! Please share books and stories that are native to any language you speak.

My collection of Christmas books, both for adults and for children, is not enormous. But it is huge for me, because many colorful volumes are filled with dozens and dozens of Christmas tales. Over many years (40 years--(gasp!) from the time I was a young college student), I have carefully selected books that are: 1) magical to me from prior readings, 2) new or used titles I've stumbled across that are rich with excellent writing, characterizations, well-researched information (nonfiction titles), and, those resplendent with  imagination and originality. Christmas prose and poetry that is simply Magic, of course!

I want to share some of my favorite stories with you, and I want to tell you about new stories I've discovered this December 2013.

But I can't wait to have YOU tell me about the following:
  • Christmas stories that have been special to you from childhood or in adulthood
  • Christmas stories that are in your native tongue that may or may not have been translated into English! What a treat it would be to learn about these books!
  • Any other prose or poem that is December-related, not necessarily Christmas.
  • Christmas novels of all varieties that you're reading this year and have loved in past years
  • **Novels and stories set in December or at New Year's.
  • Children's books, out of print or in print, it doesn't matter. Same for adult titles.
Sunday, December 1--Tuesday, December 31--At any time this month that you have the time, when you feel like celebrating, discuss any titles and your thoughts about them, as indicated in the previous list. We'll all be so interested in all you have to say.

Saturday, December 14-Friday, December 20: If you wish, this is the week to share your thoughts about any Christmas "chapter" or sequence in any novel of your choice that covers a much broader span of time than just Christmas. For example, the Christmas chapters in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Saturday, December 21: I'm participating in Beauty is a Sleeping Cat's The Christmas Carol Readalong. Would you care to participate? Please click on the Dickens Month icon to the right.

Sunday, December 22-Tuesday, December 24: Please share your favorite all-time Christmas films, and please DO include all those that are difficult to obtain and perhaps unattainable (sigh).

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