In the High Peaks

Sunday, October 13, 2013

German Lit Month: For November 7: Anna Kim's thriller Anatomy of a Night

I'm so fortunate that South-Korean born Anna Kim's novel Anatomy of a Night was available for only $6.49 on the Nook, because it wasn't available in any of my network libraries. I'm excited to read it-- a plague of sorts is afoot in Greenland. I don't want to give anything away. It was the Ladies' Choice for German Literature Month, chosen by participants. But if you have time and interest, please participate! For details, please visit Lizzy's blog in my "Blogs of Substance" list. Anna Kim is a contemporary Austrian novelist who has won the European Prize for Fiction.

I have a personal announcement, which will have a huge impact on my reading in the first five months of 2014. I'm taking a semester off to deal with pressing matters at home and in my family. Great news for my reading life because those winter early morning hours will be devoted to reading. Ah, yes, I'll be seated on my green couch cozy by the gas stove/fireplace.


  1. Lucky you with a warm fireplace and cozy couch with winter mornings in which to read. What a nice image.

    Hope that you resolve your home and family issues. (It took me a long time to deal with everything involving my family. In fact, for some responsibilities, it's taken more than a year, but things are finally winding down, with one exception.

  2. Hi, Kathy,
    Thank you for sharing your struggle with the "home front." I'm glad that your situation is improving! Maybe more reading time for you? I hope so. I hope so for both of us!