In the High Peaks

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another 18th Century Historical and a Rash of Mary Stewart Purchases!

This morning, after too much research, I finally ordered the historical novel Mesmerized by German author, translator, and painter Alissa Walser for my second novel by a women author for German Literature Month. Set in eighteenth-century Vienna, during Mozart's era, the historical figure Franz Anton Mesmer begins to explore the vibrant connection between mind and body as a means to cure patients, particularly those whom other doctors have abandoned as hopeless.

I discovered the book through the New Books in German website. Mesmerized was translated into English and published in the UK in early 2012. It is supposedly going to be published in the U.S. as well, but not this week. And I need the book now, so I can finish it by the third week in November. Thankfully, I was able to order it from The Book Depository via Amazon, and it was a very inexpensive purchase.

And I am announcing that I'm placing a long, long overdue order of two Mary Stewart titles. Yahoo!  The Ivy Tree, which I've never read, and Nine Coaches Waiting, which I besottedly adored reading so many years ago. These titles have been re-issued as trade paperbacks, the slightly larger paperback size, which I prefer.

Bit of a problem, though. I so want to read Airs Above the Ground, but this title is only available in a mass-market paperback edition. Both Ken and I now have trouble reading mass-market paperbacks. It's the eyes thing! Tiny type and no space between the lines. I'll hold off for now.


  1. I definitely prefer trade paperbacks... haven't purchased a mass-market in years. Nine Coaches Waiting will be my next Mary Stewart novel - enjoy!

    1. JoAnn,
      Geez I'm slow in responding sometimes! If you feel like it, advertise when you're about to read Nine Coaches Waiting. I found that the trade paperback that I recently purchased for this title was wonderful as far as print and space between lines.
      Best, Judith