Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Time Off Has Vanished!

I must forget all that time off I thought I had in May. Gone! Vanished! Vamoosh!

Since February the college has changed the dates of the Summer I session, but I didn't know until, by happenstance, I heard the current dates from a chemistry professor. I thought she was crazy, but no--I'm the dumb one. I now get only one week off. During that time I am going on a solo writing/reading/hiking retreat to Lake Placid. Three nights at a much-reduced cost. I did this last year in late June and it was so rejuvenating. So, again!

The Silver Lining: This academic schedule change means that I will not be teaching during all of July and August. I understand I will likely be leading occasional nature investigations at Garnet Hill Lodge during late July and August, but that's it! Two months to read! And two months to work on my writing/book projects!  I will need a trip to Boston during that time to visit family, but that's it for travel.

How cool--two entire months to READ during the hottest part of the year when outdoor activities are difficult! Can you imagine? I'm so psyched! I know, I'm overdoing my enthusiasm and exclamation points.

I want to make a list of the books I want to read during those two months. That will be fun. Nordic Noir, yes. Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior, Ian McEwan's latest, and more. A more complete list will be forthcoming.

Do let me know about your summer reading plans. OR, are you too busy to read in the summertime? Do report!


  1. I feel like we're in limbo as we still don't know if Jack will be allowed to retire in the summer or will have to wait until Christmas. So our house might be going up for sale soon - or might not.
    Happy reading!

    1. Oh, Katrina!
      Your house? You won't be staying in your home? Do you have an idea where you might go when the right time comes? How difficult to wait to find out--summer is coming so terribly soon. Nail biting time, I assume.

      Thinking of you,
      I gave my last exam today. Phew. Now a pile of grading.

  2. I'm/we're dreading moving in some ways but we don't want to be one of those couples living in a big family house with no family, they always seem sad to me. Also want something a bit more modern for old age - when it comes. It's time to move on, if possible, but you know how things are at the moment, house sale wise! J. is up to his ears in report writing now - deep joy! and still doesn't know if he can retire at the end of the summer term.