In the High Peaks

Saturday, April 27, 2013

In the Merry Month of May: Books to Come

Yes, just a few days until May. April has not been my best reading month, although it has been a good month for launching work on several writing projects. My reading has been usurped by these projects, so I find I'm not making headway with what I call my recreational fiction.

Some of you may be shocked to learn that I am still reading Midwinter Blood by the Swedish crime writer Mons Kallentoft.

Two weeks ago I borrowed two copies of Phantom by Jo Nesbo, in the hopes that Ken and I would read along together. I could not keep up, and he has zoomed through the book and is entering the final fifth of the novel. It was a terrific idea to read a book like this together, but, well, he has more time to read recreationally and I overestimated my abilities. Yes, you're right--bad excuse! By the way, he's loving the book. He loves the darkness, although he admits he can't read book after book of Nordic Noir. I think I can, but how will I know if other academic books are constantly claiming my time.

So, while I'm reading numerous books about the desperate end of the Civil War in the bludgeoned Confederacy, I'm not progressing with my other bookish interests.

In May, I have a break of exactly 2 weeks and 5 days before I teach a grueling course in the Summer I session.

So here's what I hope to accomplish:
1. Finish Midwinter Blood, of course!

2. Read and write a review for All That I Am by Anna Funder for Caroline's War and Literature Readalong  title for May. Funder is an Australian-born author who now lives in Brooklyn, New York. I'm looking forward to reading this World War II novel. Please join us!

3. I hope to listen to some audiobooks. I'm finishing up the Carole King memoir (fantastic!). I'll be sorry to say goodbye to such a memorable listening experience. I can't say enough good things about it.

4. But I can't claim too much for a mere 2 weeks and 5 days. I have high hopes for leisure reading, but I need to see how it goes!


  1. I liked 'Phantom' Judith so I'm not surprised your husband has zoomed through it.

    1. I still want to read Phantom; if only I could get some free time. The good news is I'll be off during July and August.

      Thank you, Sarah,

  2. I hope you finish Anna Funder.
    I'd be interested to read how you get along with it. The beginning is awfully dry but the middle is better and the last third dramatic.

  3. I am interested in reading some reviews of Anna Funder's book. Have you been able to get to it yet? If so, can you tell me where to access your review of it?

    The book fascinates me, but I find it hard to read about WWII, but I'd certainly be interested in reading your review of it whenever available.

    1. Kathy,
      I had the book, but due to my time between the spring semester and the summer session being reduced from two weeks to just one week, I was not able to get beyond the first few chapters. However, if you visit "Beauty is a Sleeping Cat," Caroline's blog and the host of the readalong, you will find her review and links to the reviews of other bloggers. Please find Caroline's blog in my "Blogs of Substance List."

      Do you want to read it together in July or August? That might be fun. You may also wish to become a regular reader of Caroline's monthly "War and Literature" readalongs. But Kathy, please note, I may not have named Caroline's monthly group accurately. Please check her blog. It's a wonderful one!

      Happy reading!

  4. Thanks, Judith. That is tempting. But I look at my TBR lists (sigh) and pile and I want to hide. So I can't add on more books, and for some reason (aging?) I'm not reading as quickly as I used to.

    Also, I am trying to finish the Global Crime Fiction Challenge.

    I'm wary of reading books about WWII, just due to the horrors of it all and what happened to many resisters from Germany. I'd probably cry through this book so I wanted to see what others think of it.

    I am committed to reading The Collini Case, and since it's somewhat a legal look at Germany's criminal justice system, I want to read it.

    I'll look at Caroline's blog.