Friday, March 9, 2012

Waiting for Snow (Pamuk) and Elizabeth Bowen

After searching my brain for the book I want to read next, I remembered I had never read the paperback copy of Snow that I bought in 2007. I happily dragged it downstairs (I drag everything while on crutches), opened it, and could have wept. The typeface is so faint and the font so small, I can't possibly endure what it would take to read the 400+ pages. I tried and tried but realized that I'd be missing the gestalt of the whole of each page. Disappointment! So I went online and ordered a used copy of the orginal Knopf hardcover. A wait of about two weeks, I wager.

So I studied German a lot today and I read some more dazzling Heinrich Boll short stories (in English). But I need a novel to fill the gap. And then, just minutes ago, I glimpsed Elizabeth Bowen's The Heat of the Day in a pile at the foot of the opposite end of the couch. I bought it a year ago and never got to it. So I'm off, back to the London Blitz by someone who survived it. Thank goodness. Phew. Being without a book these days makes me desperate!


  1. oh sorry about snow sure you'll love it when you read it I loved a number of his books ,all the best stu

  2. I hope you will like Bowen's novel. I almost chose it for my Literature and War REadalong this year. Maybe next year?
    I just read a fanatstic short story of her, "Summer Night" for Irish Short Story Week. I'll review it this week. It was so well written.

    1. Caroline,
      Thanks for writing!
      I haven't read "Summer Night," so I'll turn to it immediately. I've got a volume of her complete collected short stories. Thanks for the recommendation!