In the High Peaks

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Storm Reading

We didn't get the masses of snow that were predicted, but what we did get was ICE. Imagine rain, drizzle, and frozen rain falling when the temperature is a mere 18 degrees fahrenheit. Everything the wet stuff hits freezes instantly at 18 degrees.

I'm lucky that the college canceled all classes today. Phew! I shoveled the 8 inches that fell last night, tried to stamp down a decent snowshoe trail, and managed to squeeze in some fun reading and then some work.

Of course, The Girl Who Played with Fire is still captivating me. But what else?

I've just started reading The Weekend, the new novel by the German author Bernhard Schlink. I'm deep in the first chapter: a left-wing revolutionary is sent home on a reprieve from a long prison sentence. His long-time lover plans a weekend for him at her dilapidated country estate with many of his old friends and comrades. It's an incredibly tense reunion. Full of history and unresolved emotions. Looking good so far! Drop in on The New York Times book review.


  1. Sorry you got the ice --- where I live, we got the snow. Spent a few hours shoveling out our driveway (average time for me to clear what we usually get is about 25 minutes). Ugh. But once we were done, was wonderful to sit and read. :) Just started Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Haven't heard of The Weekend -- looking forward to reading your thoughts on it.

  2. Poor you, ice is scary. I hope you still get paid. We've have terrible gale force winds for days now.
    I haven't read anything by Bernard Schlink or any other modern German author for that matter, sounds interesting.

  3. Jo,
    You'll have a book-luscious weekend with your latest book. Just this morning I hit page 400 in The Girl Who Played with Fire. I don't want the series to end!

    Yes, I'm still paid, but we have to make up each and every day we miss. So I hope the rest of our storms will be minimal. I'll blog about how The Weekend works out. Stay warm in those gales!