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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Johnny Depp Speaks Keith Richards' Life

First off, it's imperative that I rectify my impressions of the audio version of Keith Richard's Life. (Click on the link for a 44-minute interview with Richards about his life and the book.) Somehow or other, in the very middle of Disc #4, Johnny Depp totally changed his voice. The deadpan voice disappeared and suddenly, whamo! Depp's voice is full of life and expression and is so very interesting. I can hear clearly now! I'm wrapped up, swept up, captivated, you name it--I feel--really feel--that it's Keith Richard's voice I'm hearing. I'm on Disc #11 now, and it's been a good week of listening. Learning a lot about guitar riffs, five-string guitar playing, Jagger's prodigious output of song-writing, the drugs--sure, the drugs. But the drugs don't overwhelm the amazing story. And, now, I can do an excellent Johnny Depp imitation of Keith Richards. But who do I know who would care to hear it? Nobody, I'm sorry to say. Sigh. Depp's voice is so deep and resonant, nothing like Richard's, really, but fabulous listening all the same!

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  1. Very weird that it took Depp so long to find the right voice, at least he got there, even if he doesn't sound like Keith. I'm just amazed that Keith Richards is still alive after taking so many drugs. Mind you he does look like 'death takes a walk'.