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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reading and Walking

Reading and walking have been my major accomplishments this past weekend. I finished Homecoming and have read 100 pages of Great House by Nicole Krauss.

Secrets, hidden trauma, truth vs. reality and their relationship to lies: these are the themes in both books, and both are World War II & Holocaust related. Who knew? Homecoming is not as well crafted as Great House, however. And, do you know, Homecoming's climax came in the Adirondack Mountains? I had a good laugh over that. Yet the book was deeply disturbing, and I suppose the same could be said for Great House. Krauss, however, has more of a command over the chaos than Schlink, but, do you know, that can sometimes be more devastating?

I don't regret reading either book, but I think I'm in the mood for something a bit more cheerful. I'd like to read a book that would make me laugh. But I don't have any on tap right now, and don't have a clue where to find one.

I have Allegra Goodman's The Cookbook Collector from the library. What I know about it is limited: it's about the diversionary (is that a word?) paths of two sisters. One on the East Coast, the other on the West. It looks interesting and is another book I will not return until I am finished.

Ken and I are lining up our Lake Placid reads. I'm going with The Cookbook Collector, of course, and Great House. No surprises there. Ken is bringing Chris Bohjalian's Secrets of Eden and Dennis LeHane's latest, Moonlight Mile, at least I believe that's the title. LeHane hales from Boston, so he's always on our lists, and he's racked up a number of high honors to boot.

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