Friday, January 7, 2011

New Meanderings

I'm not going to complain about our snow drought. The frigid temperatures have frozen the trails and, therefore, make for easy hiking. So, I'm not complaining, mind you, but... if you have friends in high places, please send us some more snow. We are fond of deep drifts here.

I'm halfway through Homecoming by the German writer Bernhard Schlink, though a strange tale it is, indeed. A novel set in Germany of the postwar era that is odder than odd. At this point, I'm not sure what to make of it, but I hope to "generalize" on it eventually. The novel reminds me of Paul Austers', but with none of the flare and pizazz. I turn the pages, rub my brow, and ask, "Just where is Schlink going?"

I must confess that I also have returned to Great House by Nicole Krauss. This is the third time I have had it from the library, and each time I've had to return it after two weeks because another borrower wanted it. Not this time!! I am going to finish this book, no matter what fines I accrue! This is a novel that revolves around a very special writing desk, while exploring many themes relating to loss, with a capital L. I'm about 50 pages in.

Next week Ken and I will be granted lots of reading time. Ken was so intrigued by my extravagant descriptions of Lake Placid Lodge that he wants a two-night stay! That will be lovely. We'll visit his favorite restaurant one evening, in the heart of Lake Placid Village, which has an enormous selection of beers on tap and in bottle, and which serves fish and chips as well as excellent shrimp dishes. I'm looking forward to the snowshoeing by the lake, the visit to the exquisite independent bookstore, and to the food at the Lodge, not to mention the fireplace in our room and our view of Lake Placid. I understand we are to have two bathrooms, not by request, but by happenstance. Can you imagine? Perhaps I will invite Ken to soak in "my" deep-soaking tub with me. Heavens!

And we DO hope Maggie, the resident golden retriever, will be available for walkies! The lodge staff know of our loss and will do what they can to make sure she is available. Maggie and I got on famously at my last visit and she accompanied me on a two-hour trail hike. The staff was surprised she didn't ditch me and come home after an hour, but Maggie seemed to enjoy my dog songs and Christmas carols, because she eagerly accompanied me the whole way.

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  1. I'm glad that you're able to have a break together, it sounds perfect.

    I love the idea of dog songs. Try not to nick Maggie!